I am a social Warrior
fighting discriminations

David Sembres(18新卒)

センブレス ダヴィド

AMU Université Aix-Marseille
Sciences humaines et sociales, spécialité psychologie 卒
趣味「旅行、映画, 家で歌ってる」

How the acting school changed my life.

Before entering the actor’s school I was unsecure about myself, I was feeling unable to do anything by myself and was often overthinking everything. Even if I did not pursue a carrier in acting these two years were probably the most important years of my life. This school helped me to figure out who I was, to overpass my fears and prejudices. It also helped me to understand that everyone can success with the right tools, help and motivation. To be able to perform on stage you have to forget everything you think you know, everything you think you don’t know. Acting is not about thinking it’s about feeling, living the moment. From the moment you put your feet on the stage you are not you anymore, you forget your fears, problems, blockages, and you become a new character. You are not acting on stage you are impersonating a character. And no matter who you are, where you come from once on stage we are all equal. During these two years I learned a lot about human’s behavior. When you want to impersonate a character you have to become this character and not the representation you have of this character, so it means you have to understand how he is thinking, how he is feeling, why he is acting this way instead of that way. You don’t impersonate with your head but with your heart. And when you start to become someone else (for acting purpose) you understand all the problems and difficulties of that character, then you realize yours are not so important, or unfounded and there is no need to have such fears, problems, blockages etc. It was from those first steps into understanding how human’s behavior works that I knew I wanted to pursue in this direction to one day been able to help other peoples to overpass their problems. It is what leads me to socials psychology studies then to GP.

Falling in love with Japan

For this picture it’s not the picture itself who’s important but the meaning it have behind. The first time I went to Japan I barely know anything about this country and wasn’t able to speak more than a couple of word in Japanese, but I quickly fell in love with the kindness of its citizens. This picture was taken in Osaka, I was watching some children dancing in the street when a Japanese came out of nowhere asking me if I was able to speak English and started to explain me the meaning of this celebration. Without asking him anything he came to me and helped me to understand what I was watching. This is one of the many examples of kindness Japanese people had toward me during my first trip to Japan. When I was looking for my directions in Tokyo I asked a Japanese guy enable to speak in English, while in any other country people will have politely or not telling me they can’t help me, he took his phone and called one of his friends speaking English to explain me through the phone my directions. Or that time when a Japanese businessman took a day off to show me around the Mount Fuji with his personal car and invited me to an amazing onsen with view to the Mount Fuji to end up eating delicious sushi on the top of a Tokyo building. All of this without asking for anything in return, just for the pleasure to show a little bit of his country to a random French guy. I could keep going, I still have so many example of unbelievable kindness from Japanese people. So at that time (the time of the picture) I knew someday I had to come back to Japan and this was the first step in deciding to make my life in Japan.


To be honest if I am now in GP it’s more related to luck or destiny. I came to Japan knowing I wanted to work in this kind of company and job position. But while I was looking for a job with the help of one of my Japanese teacher, I did few interviews with some interim agents telling them I was looking for a position in a Japanese or International company to improve the Japanese working conditions and create a better working and personal environment for the Japanese or foreigners working in Japan. Unfortunately they all told me it was really difficult to find such positions in Japan and I should more focus on recruiting positions or something more realistic for me and this country. I so gave up my dreams, and followed the recommendations by looking for recruiting or HR positions. But destiny-san wasn’t so far and at the end of an interview with an interim agent about recruiting positions, he ask me what kind of other jobs he could look for me in the eventuality he couldn’t help me to find any recruiting positions. I told him I was in fact much more interested in improving human’s conditions than hiring peoples. Without waiting he print out a GP job description paper asking me if it could fit my expectations. No need to tell you the end of the story, if I’m writing this today it’s of course because it was exactly what I was looking for since the beginning and I’m very happy and thankful for it.


There are two main topics I’d like to be able to work on with GP. These two topics are not specifically related to the work place, but working is a very important part of someone’s life so impacting this part will impact his entire life. The first one is about providing equal chance to everyone to access to work. It is now the 21th century and it is time to stop discriminations and inequalities, the world should unit instead of divide. People’s differences are not a weakness but a strength, an asset. A different point of view is not threat but a new contribution to create something better. As I learned during my acting school or social psychology studies, with the right tools and opportunities everyone is able to improve and give the best of themselves. The second one is about providing a better working environment. A lot of Japanese workers are stressed, over working, unhappy in their job and life and surviving instead of living. As I said before, changing the working conditions is changing the whole life because it is a huge part of someone’s existence. If an employee is happy at work it will reflect on his personal life. We now know since a long time it’s important to work in a pleasant atmosphere and this as well for the productivity of the company than for the employee’s personal life.